Thursday, February 22, 2007

What's your favorite food?

If you can't really "taste" anything. What's your favorite food? I've found that there are some foods that I enjoy more now than before my anosmia. Some not so good for me!

Being involved in bodybuilding and fitness for about 25 years, my diet was always important. I always ate fairly bland food (turkey burgers, tuna, chicken breast) so I was surprised when I became anosmic that it actually bugged me that I couldn't taste anything. I mean, turkey burgers and skinless chicken breasts aren't the most exciting flavors. So now that texture and taste (sweet, sour, salty etc) are what I crave, I've found that my healthy eating isn't so healty anymore. I need to pick things up and try to get back on track.

I'll post on some food that I used to love but can't bear in my next post bBut for now, here's some favorites:

Potato chips (especially the super salty/vinegar type)
Cheddar cheese (can't figure this one out, probably just the texture)
A GOOD hamburger
Seltzer water/club soda
Hot peppers
Granny Smith Apples
Hot Dogs
Pickled Herring

I ate most all of these prior to being anosmic but they are favorites right now.


sheepyland said...

I just realised my sense of smell and taste is getting so worse, I see no need in eating at all. I used to enjoy eating good food. I chances upon your blog while searching more information before I consult a specialist.

Karen said...

Mike, other bloggers reading...Has anyone tried the drug Theophylline for your loss of smell? My specialist in Georgetown (DC), prescribed Theophylline for me, and I'd like to know has anyone had lasting success with it? I'm getting better everyday, and am able to smell things I'd never thought I'd smell again.

It is a long process, but what else do I have to do. I'm alive so I may as well endure.


Ann Borders said...

CHOCOLate, I can't smell it in the air, but I can if I put my nose into a glass or on top of it, and It TASTES to me wonderful. Strange enough Chocolate is full of theophylline.