Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Still Anosmia but some food is good

I've recently been taking a look at the types of foods that I enjoy now more than I used to since I've been suffering from anosmia. Nope..still can't smell anything.

For about 3 months I've noticed that it's definitely texture that appeals more than anything else. Crunch is good. I've always loved nuts, carrots, chips and anything crunchy but I have been eating celery like it's going out of style.

And even though I can't taste it, I always dip the celery in either hummus or sometimes peanut butter. With the peanut butter it's definitely the salty taste that is appealing to me and with the hummus I usually get the spicy type so I get some kind of heat/burn.

For a while, any type of pasta was disgusting to me. There was something about the texture that was completely unappealing. But lately, as long as I put some hot red pepper flakes on it, any type of pasta or italian dish is good.

And even though they're crunchy, apples have very little appeal. I still eat them and usually the sour Granny Smith type but it's not sour enough to make it something really enjoyable. Bananas that I used to love are now pretty much out of my mind. Again, it's something about the texture.

And that's what it's coming down to: Texture and the basic flavors of salty, sweet, sour, etc.


claudia monge said...

Hello! I am going through something similar to you, although I can't really say if I can actually "taste" or whatnot. I might have to conduct an experiment. I just wanted to wish you luck. =) I have finally started to see an allergist about my own problems, although my sense of smell has been coming [and mostly]going for about 8 years.

witnwisdumb said...

I'm sorry to read about your loss of olfaction. But this is a great blog. There aren't too many resources on the net about anosmia, and the few that exist are generally impersonal encyclopedia entries that don't really get into the details of what it's like if you're affected, or what to do about it. It sure does help to hear things from somebody who's already experienced all of it.

Jessica said...

Hi!!! I was searching the web for facts on Asonmia and your blog popped up. I've only been suffering from this for about a month and I'm getting ready to go nuts. How do you stay so level headed about it??
I don't quite get the taste vs. flavor. I understand what you're talking about with the crunchy and the mushy. What I don't understand is why I still eat junk food??? I mean, I can't taste it, so instead of Cheetos, why don't I want lettuce or celery??? FRUSTRATING!!
Sorry, I tend to write a lot and say nothing..

Jejune said...

Good to discover your blog - I probably have Sjogren's (still being diagnosed) and the loss of smell and taste is driving me INSANE - as is my doctor's dismissal of it. She just says, sorry, we can't do anything to help you. Nothing about the loss of two really important senses and the impact that has on your life!

I know what you mean about being able to sense strong tastes, like salty, sweet and spicy, but not detailled flavours. Things that I couldn't normally tolerate, like Tim Tams (very sweet chocolate biscuits) and strong salt & vinegar chips, are now fine, and I can actually taste them a little.

I'm worried that I'm adding too much salt and sugar to my food, though; I know it's not good for me. But blandness isn't any fun either.

John said...

I have not read through all the posts, but I thought I would share my experience. It's now four years since my anosmia started and it's driving me insane!
It all started with what seemed to be quite severe allergic reactions with whole days spent with streaming eyes and nose. I put it down to various things from chilli to whiskey, but really there was no pattern.

Over time, these reactions started to calm down, but I found my nasal passage felt blocked all the time and slowly I found I was insensitive to flavours and unable to smell or taste for long periods. Two years ago the condition became total.

I was prescribed a steroid nasal spray that did not work and then steroid drops which did help. Unfortunately, my doctor tells me that long-term use of the drops may well destroy any hope of getting any sense of smell back permanently.

Apparently, the area in which I live (The Vale Of York in North Yorkshire, UK), according to the specialist I consulted, is an anosmia 'hot-spot'. I have never met anyone else with the condition. People say they cannot smell/taste etc., but when pressed, they usually mean they have suppressed sensation.

So there you have it...four years of missing out on two of our most undervalued senses. I'm sorry I cannot end on a positive note, but no one in the medical profession seems to have the first idea of how to treat this or even acknowledge that it's a serious complaint.

Heather said...

Hi all! I was just browsing through websites and found this blog. I too have no sense of smell; however, I never have been able to smell (congenital anosmia). Having never known what I'm missing, I find this blog very interesting. Keep it up!

Leah said...

Hi! I am also experiencing what you are going through right now. I have been anosmiac for three years from now due to a head injury when i was in college. But the weird thing is that i can still cook and they still taste like what they used to be, according to my housemates. I am still dependant on the texture and of the basic tastes of the food; sweet, sour, bitter, salty, and fatty.

mark curry said...

Hey you all... I have never been able to smell. As a kid I used to pretend to smell when everyone else did because I did not know any better. Like when driving by a skunk everyone goes,"oh that really stinks." I did not know. At about age 7 or 8 a doctor did some tests, discovered I actually could not smell and basically dismissed it. " there is basicall nothing we can do." And that was that. I would really like to enjoy the sense of smell. Although I really do not know what I am missing. I think I do have a sense of taste though. I have definate likes and dislikes in different foods. Does anyone know any cures for anosmia? I tried zinc pills for a while and did not work. I have always wondered if my mental state of mind is different from everyone else because I have not emotion from smells. I seem pretty normal to myself and my friends.

shacallahan said...

Hi everyone. Just found this blog and it is great. Been suffering now for 6 months with no taste and very little smell - sorry for you all but it is comforting not to be alone in this. And I agree with everyone you all say. I too ask myself why i eat the junk when i cannot taste it anyway - and I think because it is still comforting to me and because I know how much I loved it - but am trying to change my ways - any suggestions? Thanks Sharon