Monday, April 23, 2007

Update on being alcohol free

Well, I haven't had any liquor in my system at all for a month and while I was convinced that this would help me smell (even after my last experiment yielded no results), I still am anosmic.

I have however noticed a few things: For starters, even though I cannot smell anything, I do notice that I am much less congested in my sinuses.

Also, while I cannot taste. Or for those sticklers out there, while I cannot taste FLAVORS, my sense of taste of bitter, salty, sour, sweet etc is a little better. Olives for example do give off more of a tang than they did.

So even though I still suffer from anosmia, stopping drinking or even imbibing less, has had a benefit.

The only problem is that we are going on a wonderful motorcycle rally this weekend where there'll be about 75,000 other bikers. It's quite the party and anosmia or not, I'm going to enjoy some beers, some martinins and some cigars!

Upon return I think I'm going to give accupuncture a try.