Friday, September 30, 2011

What am I Allergic To

So another random anosmia post! The latest on the anosmia front is that after almost 40 years of living in a very dry southwest USA climate, the past 2 years being in a hugely populated, polluted, dusty and hot area of southern California, my wife and I have thankfully moved to a smaller community just north of San Diego and for the first ever, are 3 1/2 miles from the beach. about a run on sentence!

So we are living near the beach where the temperatures got into the high 80's maybe 3 times during the entire summer and we are loving it.

When we first got here in the spring, I went to yet another ENT to have her take a look inside my sinuses. Of course she confirmed, and for the first time I actually saw the polyps in my sinuses. She was not so insistent on surgery but of course she said that it was an option.

She suggested two things. One was to use budenoside rather than Flonase or Nasonex or Nasacort and prescribed it to be used with a nebulizer twice a day. Well, that lasted about a month. I just could not deal with standing there with this nebulizer for 5 minutes or so twice a day.

The other thing she suggested was that I start my allergy shots again and felt that I might get better relief this time around. I told her I did them for almost 3 years and 1, my anosmia did not get better and 2, the polyps still kept recurring. She said she just felt she should test me again. So I asked her "what am I allergic to" at this point?? I felt that after 3 years of previous allergy shots, it almost just sounds like a money grab. She felt that doing it with an ENT might be better than with an allergist.

So I'm debating yet again whether I want to go through this. The drive down to see her, the drive back up, the expense etc.

Other than that, nothing much else to report. Best to all who occasionally read this.