Wednesday, July 20, 2011

If you want to know what Anosmia is like

I was online just yesterday and found what is probably the best written article I've ever read about what it's like to be anosmic.

I'd have to say that almost 6 years after my onset of anosmia, my attitude is more of reluctant acceptance than this authors (even though I remain hopeful) but if you have a family member who is anosmic, or if you are trying to give friends or family an idea of what it's like, I urge you to read this brief article.

Another of my infrequent updates on my anosmia

Once again I'm posting here. I deeply apologize to people who have left comments that I have not replied to! I guess I would have been better off creating some sort of forum where a thread type discussion could be held but for better or worse, my little anosmia blog is about the best I have time for.

And if anyone is still following, you can tell that I barely have time for even this!

So as of today, July 20, 2011 things are as they ever were. My last polyp surgery was back in May of 2010 and my last episode of good olfaction was around Mother's day of last year. For those not in the U.S., that falls sometime in mid May. I remember it because my wife poured me a glass of chardonnay. I almost cried it tasted so good!

There might have been fleeting moments of taste and smell after that but if so, I cannot recall when and certainly nothing past June of '10. Although I did have some unrelated health issues earlier this year where I had to do a 5 day cycle of prednisone that temporarily restored my olfaction....WONDERFUL!

We recently moved to a more climate friendly region of California about 3 or 4 miles from the beach and I recently visited yet another ENT locally. She has me on Budenoside using a nebulizer to keep the recurring nasal polyps to as manageable size as possible but even using this (stronger) corticosteroid, I still have major issues. Mostly on my left side.

My most recent CT scan from Feb of this year shows the same as it ever did: Terrible polyp growth on my left side, less so on my right and horrible congestion or crud in my frontal sinuses. CT scans of my sinuses show virtually ZERO black. It's all gray.

My new ENT has urged me to try allergy shots again and after my initial reluctance, I started thinking that while my last round of shots did not help my anosmia, I did have much better overall breathing for the 2 or 3 years I was on them. So I'm thinking if I can get on those again and yes, once again have the polypectomy, I might get relief and my olfaction back.

This new Dr told me that my last two polypectomies did not include computer assisted imagery which would be the only way to get up into my frontal sinuses. I know this is true based on my last ENT's comments. I guess my continuing hope is that with this procedure, my anosmia will be cured.

Obviously, I CAN smell and taste things as indicated with every dose of prednisone I've ever had. It's a matter of getting things opened up.

As always, good luck to all who can relate to this