Monday, April 21, 2008

More thoughts on smoking, allergies and anosmia

Well it's been some time since my last post so I thought I'd at least get on and give yet another update and some thoughts. As it is, I still am not able to smell or taste anything. I am still getting my allergy shots although I'm doing once a month now. How long does this last anyway??

I will say that my allergies are definitely better. I had a little episode the other day of some stuffiness and I was really shocked as I've had virtually no allergy symptoms for some time. I had a couple glass of wine the night before so it could have been due to that. The allergy shots have not helped my anosmia however which is unfortunate.

I had posted some time back about not smoking cigars for a while and seeing if that would help but it didn't but something dawned on me recently and I'm giving it a shot again.

Here's what I was thinking: For years I smoked cigars occasionally. Maybe on a Sunday afternoon while relaxing in the yard. In May of 2005 I started smoking a cigar every day. Or if not, close to it. I continued this pattern throughout the summer and into the fall of 2005. Those who have read my earlier posts know that I was on vacation in New York in October of 2005 when I lost my sense of smell.

Since that time, except for my experiment with giving up cigars, I've continued to smoke them to one degree or another. Sometimes only on the weekend but (being honest with myself here) for the most part, I have smoked a cigar a day for some time. And it just keeps nagging at me: Is this the main factor for my anosmia? Is it possible that the cigar smoke is enough of an irritant to cause inflammation which in turn blocks any aroma from getting up into my olfactory region?

So, I've once again stopped smoking cigars. When I first tried this I honestly can't remember if I truly stopped or if I cheated once in a while. It's been about 10 days and nothing has changed but my wife feels IF it's the reason, it might take some time for olfaction to resume. I will continue to post here occasionaly to let people know the results. If anyone has any input or info on smoking and anosmia please comment.


Tanvi Manohar said...

Mike ,

I guess my grandma would commiserate with you.She had an accident sixteen years ago , after which she lost her sense of smell. She had to learn to cook again and suffer severe head aches for 6 months. She okay now , but she still can't smell anything. I hope you can cure your anosomia , even if my grandma can't!

God Bless You!

Almost Famous said...

I have been anosmic since birth. Can't smell a thing. I get really tired of people going "Do you smell something?" Nope, sure don't!

I don't even know what it must be like to smell. People ask if I can taste, and I can tell the difference between some things yes, but I think I mainly taste using a food's texture. I have foods that I like and dislike, but examining those, most of the dislikes are a texture issue (like peppers).

The only thing I can almost "smell" is ammonia, and I think it's less smelling it than it is feeling it burn my nostrils.

Good luck, I hope you get your smelling back.

martin d. said... guess would be you, like me, lost your sense of smell through a virus...I had a bad head and chest cold...the damage is irreversible for me...the 2 most common things are a virus or a bang on the head...I thought,while I was waiting for treatment, that I might have done it while I was in the garage with the car running and the big door closed..turns out to be not so..I haven't smoked for years but anosmia requires a total re-definition of everything and I wonder for you, how your cigar tastes?...My guilty pleasure used to be scotch....

cornelia said...

Hi dearest no smeller,and taster.
I am Cornelia from Holland.
My language is Dutch so i'll try to explain my story in english.
I had 5 years ago a normal influence virus.
After recovering my taste and smell
never came back.
I am a good cooker and i like to eat very good prepared food.
After so many years i still can cook very well, my husband says.
However i always have to ask what the taste is.
Nevertheless i like to eat together with others, it gives pleasure to be together and have a nice talk while eating.
I refuse beiing depressed and when i eat i do it with rememberence.
Every meal however is only to solve my hunger.
But, i refuse to have my live in suffer.
It is like it is and i have to accept it.
Any hope at cure i lost because of
all the bad stories about it.
So, try to accept it and make your live worth beiing!
I wish you strength and patience!
Love, Cornelia

martin d. said...

...well said Cornelia!....

martin d. said...

...Hi Mike....any way to leave a note on the other site as to where you have gone?...I only found you again after searching for you on the other sites listed.....