Thursday, October 19, 2006

Nasonex, Flonase - Allergies!

I actually have found humor in my problems with allergies, sinus polyps and anosmia. You'd be hard pressed to find something amusing about not being able to taste a cup of coffee in the morning or to smell a pizza but during my never ending attempt to restore my sinuses to some workable condition, I've tried some amazing stuff.

After my sinus surgery to remove the polyps, my ENT advised that I do a twice daily treatment of Nasonex, Flonase or some similar corticosteroid. As my insurance offers better coverage on the Nasonex, that is what I've been on.

Now, Nasonex, like all the others, is a metered spray that you blast into your nostrils. The hope in my case is that this will decrease inflammation and also keep future polyps from growing. You simply spray the Nasonex into your nose.

However, after having no effect for months, it was suggested that I need to get this spray way up high in my sinuses. Since gravity is in play, the spray will not get high up in the sinus cavity while you're standing.

So what to do?

One morning, just after I had gotten out of the shower. I took the Nasonex for my morning ritual. This time however, immediately after spraying the Nasonex into my nose, I plopped down on the bed on my back with my head inverted and hanging over the edge of the bed. The goal of course was to allow as much of the Nasonex to reach my sinus cavity as possible.

The effect however was different: As I lay there with my head hanging off the bed, naked as the day I was born but certainly not as cuddly or cute, my wife walked into the bedroom.

If she thought I'd had a heart attack and collapsed in this position or that I was performing some strange sexual ritual she did not let on but stopped in her tracks for a moment.

Noticing her standing in the doorway to my side but not wanting to turn my head for fear the Nasonex wouldn't reach its target I simply offered, "Good morning!" To which this beautiful woman I've lived with for over 22 years replied, "Honey? What....are you doing?"

Before I could even offer my scientific explanation, she simply rolled her eyes, turned around and said, "Coffee's on"

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Anonymous said...

and nowwwwww? is the nasonex helping? i have only had this problem for 2 mos and keep hoping that it is somehow going to magically cure itself. i have been to 2 drs and an accupuncturist, all to no avail....i LIKE food!! and i still miss it....the weight loss is not worth it....i find myself really frustrated....sometimes cooking with garlic helps; my hsb. says the house reeks of it, but i can't smell textures bother me a lot....i am trying to find highly spiced (but not hot) recipes that will give me some essence of taste or flavor or at least acceptability, but only doing s0-s0